Moonshine Stills For Sale

Gear up with your own still before you start with everything. If you want to avoid the hassle of making your own still, here are some websites that you may consider as sources of your new toy:

10 Gallon Still

So the one above is a pot still, it’s a basic design, has been in used since the early moonshining days in the mountains of Appalachia. This kind of still is particularly effective in distilling whiskey or brandy, actually any flavorful liquor. This is a 10 gallon moonshine still from the Whiskey Still Company, handcrafted copper still.

Here is a 25 L Turbo 500 Still, made from stainless steel. This type is generally known as the reflux still, it is a great tool for making vodka and rum,  neutral spirits in general.

Reflux still is like a lot of pot still, it can do multiple distillation in a single run. The still in the image can be bought from

On the right is another still I found from ebay, it’s the same as the pot still above. The only difference is their aesthetic design and that this one has an included thump keg aside from the boiler and the condenser.

Thump kegs are not really necessary for small scale distilling, they’re meant to increase the ABV (alcohol-by-volume) of the spirit although running the distillate several times does the same in a simple pot set up.

If you’re handy and your money is tight. We’ll talk about DIY stills on my next post! 🙂

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